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Eric Nyaribo, P.E.

Design Engineer
St. Paul, MN
Eric is a Minnesota Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Industrial Design & Technology enthusiast, maker and a tinkerer who is passionate about Prototyping as an effective way to explore the future by thinking to do and doing to think. Eric is a Design Engineer for an Automotive Tier Supplier, and the founder of Janus Razor, a start-up working on disrupting the men's grooming space.

Physical prototyping is time consuming, and an expensive endeavor for most startups. Start-ups with a good understanding of the role of the prototypes can be strategic and intentional about the use of scarce resources without compromising the desired outcomes of the different but important steps of bringing a product to market.

Such steps include ideas exploration, learning, charting design direction, recruiting, eliciting feedback from potential users, patent drafting, fundraising and manufacturing. Can one use the same resources for the different but important steps? Yes! I will share effective strategies that can be used to navigate between low and high fidelity prototypes to successfully achieve the goals in the steps mentioned.

I will also discuss an example of how sensors could add delight to an experience that most people consider tedious.

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