Emily Buchholz

When Emily met Davis for coffee in 2013 it was clear that the two shared the same professional core values: thinking outside the box, adding real value to clients’ lives, fee transparency, and holistic advocacy, to name a few. DLO was ready to add on another attorney, Emily was ready to join forces with the awesome DLO and CoCo energy, and the rest is history! Emily sees herself as “general counsel” for people who happen to be business owners. Most of her practice focuses on transactional business matters, but she also assists clients with family matters, such as estate planning, and litigation advising. Prior to coming on board with DLO, Emily litigated and negotiated family law cases, was trained and worked as a mediator, and clerked for two different judges. Before attending law school at the University of Minnesota, Emily worked at a magazine for a number of years and earned her bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Despite being a lawyer, she is also a creative person. She and her spouse, Mark, have three young kids and a Frenchie named Walter, who calls CoCo his second home.

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